Radha Mohan 24, September Episode

You will see Lakshmi in the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi with a very compelling twist, so friends are going to be very interesting in the drama in which Lakshmi is living with someone.

 Then they embrace each other and Lakshmi is looking at Lakshmi and Lakshmi is looking at ISI who is saying that you have saved my life and love me so much. You never want to lose. This Sankar Malik's consciousness is blown away. So, friends, 

it's going to be very interesting in the drama of "Here we are telling you." Court, you would not do such a thing, nor would we have to go to court, nor would we fall into the hands of gangsters. I am Rishi who is supporting Lakshmi,

 Malik Shah is very much like Jayada, so friends here we are going to tell you that Neelam is also very Jayada Gus, never anything happened by Lakshmi's words. If Lakshmi, who is who she is, does not go to eat, then today we people would not be in danger for Rishi's life. Friends, here we are going to tell you. If you love someone, then you would have left this house, when your Rishi is.

suffering so much, now you have no right to say that you are not at home. Karda's daughter in law can't become you, what has defamed our khandan and our name here we are going to tell you ki Lakshmi who is she says I know what has defamed me whose name is bright what is unki main acchi tarah janti.

 Hun ki mere husher mujhse bahut jyada audition I am very jyada pyar karta hai and I love Sirf Rishi ke liye hai I will. listen to someone else and I will not get from you here per we are going to tell you That all this is a hybrid country, so friends, here we are going to tell you, it has become very interesting in the drama and Balvinder Bhaiya Aadmi Chika Hota Hai ki Lakshmi Lakshmi usse Pyar Karti Hoti to vah use batti lekin vah hamesha hi rishi ko bachati rahi hai isase.

yah sab hota hai ki Lakshmi who is hai wah rishi se Pyar karti hai to doston Yahan per ham aapko batane wale hai ke sare please wale and sare media They are much more than Lakshmi and Rishi and say Lakshmi obare ki The wife is not very good, I have done a lot of work, and what is the name of Abrar Khandan, 

so friends, let us tell you here. Newale drama is going to be very interesting and in the next episode Ek Chaka Hai twist se Aap Tehe Hain ki Preksha jo hai what trick is she going to use to get Lakshmi out of the house so friends see what happens in the next episode.

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