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Did you have any misunderstanding here, I did not even know that you can hide from the world, I saw everything of my own free will, you also did not see the hidden mother. From here we are going to tell you.

  I can't do anything to you I'm going so nothing will happen to Lakshmi and here Pariksha is crying so friends we are going to tell you. The next episode is going to be very interesting and we are also going to tell you that we are going to shoot you teller Lakshmi or FIR is going to make you episode by seeing Rishi. I

  Stopping your use doesn't stop krishna rishi and with preksha who can go behind dewar and the place falls rishi they say to malik we are together.

  She says don't know who it was that tells me that she is facing me. I didn't see it and I was wondering who it was that I don't know but the voice of the FIR goon comes and Rishi who sees the FIR and is going to tell you here. Lakshmi

  And I'll have to read

something for that Danda says that the Danda will have to be struck from here Jaw passes through the open eye and here the rickshaw keeps thinking Rishi and Jedda Danda out loud. Marungi Taki Wah Jiada even if it is late, then the Rishi here is the Rishi, what happens is that it can happen to someone.

  That I will not give anything to Lakshmi, but here he says that if anything happens to me, I will not give anything to Lakshmi by informing me about it. Here we are doing a drama telling you, it looks very good here Malik Shah who comes up and Rishi who walks. 

 He Jaanwala is going to be cool and he has also followed Rishi so guys the drama of here telling us is going to be very interesting and in the next episode you are also watching but here we are telling you Lakshmi who You are praying inside Malik Shah is also .

doing his best so we are on the head of Rishi from Malik telling you. Danda se dostu here next episode is going to be very interesting in which Rishi will also be there he is also your friend meet you watch you. Or will happen in the next episode

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