Radha Mohan 18, September promo


You will be seen in the drama Serial Radha Mohan, it is very intense, so friends here, we are going to tell you, it has become very interesting in the drama, and there is a twist in the drama here. 

 If you are Krishi, don't go to these gangsters, but Rishi Jo, whenever it is used, they say to Malik, 'You were here, who beat me,' she says, 'I don't know, so friends, choose one here. 

 A voice is heard and he follows them and Malik stops using what he has and everything that belongs to Malik Shahi hits the wall and she is about to faint, but Rishi runs away leaving the use and Ka.  

 The drama of Lakshmi Ko Kuch Abhi Nahin Hoane Donga Se Dostu Par Hum Aap Bheyen Hain Hain has become very interesting and in the next episode Ek Chaka Hai twister is happening and says ISI ki baat se hindar tak. 

 Chale Na Jana has become very interesting and in the next episode Ek Chaka Ha

i Twist to Dosto Hida Par Jab Gunde Jo Hai He says that we have logged on counting down your lover has not come yet lagata hai Tum Se Nahi Pyaar. Friends, Lakshmi is here. She says that she didn't enter. Balki doesn't go. But here we are going to tell you about the gangsters. 

They say that I don't understand the language of love. If you have a heart you will understand the punk here they say shut up I have a heart and I love but I do it to myself guys here we are going to tell you who says wow You will have to die, no matter what you want,  

Rishi will come or not, I will kill you. pko is going to tell that the policemen call the goon and say that you have to tell them something and here per goon is to say that my life you have all three men, leave the use or else I have everything.

 Donga se dost here we will tell you the drama has become very interesting. The policemen say that it is not easy to do so tell me something. It is going to be very interesting, 

but the policemen say that it is a gangster who is even more dangerous than the one who is in jail. So, friends, here we are going to tell you.

 She goes with him and turns away from Malik and she says to Balvinder that you are a temple and you cannot see it. Tukkar mari hai, here both of them are confused, so friends, in the next episode

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