Radha Mohan 24, September Episode

 You will be seen in the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, which is very intense, so friends are going to be very interesting in the drama of Hama Aap Bhehe Hain. are going to tell. 

 What Ranbir wants to say to Prachi is that I have no feelings for you and if I have saved your life, then the message of humanity is that if there was any other girl in your place, I would have saved her with my life. The drama is going to be very interesting in which Prachi is very sad and she says that if you have this wish then I will marry you with Sada and see you pretending to talk to me.

 I won't come again, you are making a mistake. You have done a mistake before, piss me off and write. Now you are trying to repeat that mistake. He is there and coming in the next episode he is crying a lot and he says if I had me I would never give you my life. Why don't you understand how much I love you?

 I love you so much. Yes you have feelings for me in your heart but why don't you express it if you tell me you don't marry pain then I never marry and I want you here for me. The drama of the tellers is going to be very interesting in which Prachi who is crying a lot to Ranveer and says that this child is ours and why don't you believe that they want to be spared? You are not doing it nor are you loving me and once again you have left me out of your life like you did before, 

so friends the drama we are going to tell you here is going to be interesting and the next one is going to be interesting. There is going to be a twist in the episode, so friends, here we are going to tell you that Aaliya is telling Riya that from now on, leave Main Prachi Ko if and .

Ranveer is in her heart. So much for Pay more love and tell Ranveer that you have feelings for Ranveer and can't be without Ranveer. But we are going to tell you that the drama of Prachi and Siddharth will get married or not or FIR is Riya's plan, it will be fast, see what happens in the next episode.

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