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In the serial Kumkum Bhagya, you will see a very forced twist, so friends, here we are going to tell you, the drama has become very interesting. She says wow, 

I couldn't even imagine that all this is happening in your heart, why are you acting so much, you are marrying Siddharth, you have done so much with Siddharth,

 you are talking to me. If I would have asked you myself, friends, here we are going to tell you that she says how strange it is that you wanted Sadad and wanted Ranbir from me. It's done but here Prachi is listening to all this and Riya who is there says that you told me first,

 I would have arranged your marriage with great fanfare. It has become very interesting in Hain's drama, but Riya is here. She says that I am very happy. Here we are talking to you, the drama has become very interesting. Here Diya starts to leave and comes back to Murti and says that now you know me anyway.

 to do something Against you now I will stay to get Ranbir and you will have to marry Siddharth then friends Prachi is here. She doesn't seem to like me, so her friend says here that I am not yours either, she wants to put it on and she goes away. 

 What have you said, what do you think about me? Tell me what do you think about me? Here she says that I don't like anything to you, so Riya says that you are my talk and but it is a big problem for me.

 so friends, Prachi who is here says that I am nothing to you. It doesn't seem like you have never let our parents stay with us, nor are you letting me stay. And in the next episode, there is a twist, friends, see what is going to happen from the next episode, friends,

 here we are going to tell you about Prachi, who says that you are not shy, you will never be anything for your own sake. I am telling you that you should get better and don't do all these things, otherwise I will forget that we had any relationship.

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