Radha Mohan 22, September promo

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya, you are going to see a very forced relationship, friends, here we are going to tell you that Ranbir's friends are walking around with mobile phones, because from where the battery of the mobile phone is used to get Khatam.

 Is. And she says what are you pretending to do? They say that I am trying to charge the main charger, but it charges per use, 

but when he sees that it is not for Android, it is fully charged. There is such an old charger kept where Jija says that I myself am old too FIR charger will be old here he says what will happen now here slowly he says that if you have played so much You have a little brain today because of not playing.

 You play the game all day long. You have no brain and your mobile battery is not good. So friends, here we are going to tell you that the drama is very interesting. They say that the idea is that I have a charger here and I have placed a charger here. . What do I call, 

she says you are not of work but sometimes you talk about work, when they say there is no balance, when they say there is no balance, she uses too much. Ranbir's friend who is there shakes Didi and says what happened to you, there is no way to attack her. 

Game play your mind is done they use jute to release spring so friends here we are going to tell you the drama is going to be very interesting and the next episode is going to have a twist here per dia jo hai. She is running and she is thinking when she asks Suhana where is Ranbir, 

she says that Ranveer who is here is tied to Prachi's pillow, now Prachi will be here and Ranveer will also be there. They are going to tell you that Riya who is Suhana gets up with her hand.

 Suhana who is she hits Riya's pair of hands with force and says that if you dare to raise your hands on me again, I will take your hands and your hands too. There will be no one left to cook,

 but here it is a very large path and from the front, she does not pick up the vase and blows it, and there is one person who goes there. I want to say that where is Ranbir, he told me like this. 

 She says I have an idea, we will make the goons of the people so angry that they will shoot Sahana and Prachi will come to save her and Prachi will also get shot. Jaban will become Khatam for what seems like nothing and keeps Ranbir talking to Pallu

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