Radha Mohan new promo 16, September

 In the serial Bhagilakshmi you are going to get to see a very violent twist. Friends here we are going to tell you that Neelam is very angry and she says no you think that my son.  

 Threatening what do you think you have song and we will be afraid of you we are not going to be afraid of you and we will send you to jail bye bye and very soon Bihar police will teach you. And we will also leave here, friends, here we are going to tell you that she says that I only think of your love, which has paid a heart like you, so friends, what is happening here, Gautam Aadi. 

 say You shut up and let him shoot and the bullet that is there goes to Neelam, but here we are going to tell you that if it doesn't it goes and the other side is angry and you have to say that no one believes in your courage. The use of shooting does not seem to be a very old man and Gautam comes here, 

he says that you just killed him, your courage is so much because you do not have the courage and I will not kill you. If you want to die alive, then you will have to stone yourself as we stone ourselves, so friends, here he punches us, even before his mouth bleeds, we have to love him. The drama is going to be very interesting and in the next episode,

 Lakshmi Jo is trying her best to save her family but everyone has Lakshmi Patil Ho Jamta Hai Main Jai Ga Hotel Hai But Lakshmi Jo She wants to save everyone and says to Shri Lakshmi that we will get married and you should not go to save them, you are very angry.  

 Vastu from here we are going to tell you Lakshmi Jo Hai says I have full faith in my family and it is still a matter of Malik Shah and all here we are going to tell you Balwinder Joy she says. When will you get divorced and marry someone, everyone wants to get .

rid of you, but here Lakshmi has a lot of anger and says that you should get over it and let me tell you how to save us from your ruin. The next episode of Vaale Hain is going to be very interesting and we are coming up, so friends see what happens in the next episode

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