Radha Mohan 22, September promo


In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, you are going to see a lot of twists, so friends, here we are going to tell you that we are going to be very interesting. 

 Gaya han veer fi is smart today and neither is prachi separated from ranveer here fi we are going to tell you that she says you are my bardasht bahar gote all this here we are going to tell you bro who wow She says that if Prachi wants to marry Sardar, then she will never get married because she has studied till Pandit, 

Ranveer will bring her or she will not get FIR or we will not get it. The drama of Se Nahi Milegi is going to be very interesting, where Riya, who is there, says that she wants to get rid of the house. They are telling people that Priya is JA. She says, "Who should you get out of me?" Ranveer doesn't want to get married.

 And she has a feeling of Ranbir Khed in her heart. Even here, she will think that Prachan is doing all this for happiness and she is going to become the husband of Siddharth's child. They tell me it is going to be very interesting and it is going to come in the next episode, but Riya says that it is a very good plan,

 I am also going to take the engagement dress. If something has to be done now, friends here we will tell you about Prachi who goes to Ranveer's work and there Fe Beeta is drinking too much. This is going to happen and here is Prachi who is here she says why are you walking in the dark why don't you do it on.

 light Prachi who is here is doing it on light I have to talk to you here Fei they say to you Talk to me here says why am I saved here Prachi says you have saved my life you had some feeling for me in your heart here Praarthi says I want to do what you want in my life here Ranveer says that no, I had no feelings in my heart, but if there was any girl besides you, I would have saved her life and I have saved your life. Prachi, who is here,

 starts crying a lot and comes and says that you should marry me. My heart does not have any feelings for you. Prachi, who is here, is very angry. She says first you said what you said, he says all what I said earlier is a lie but it is true because I have had so much cannabis and it is coming, let's see the status of TV next.

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