Kumkum bhgaya 15, September Episode


In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya you are going to see a very violent twist so friends here we are going to tell you that Riya and Aaliya who is she is going to laugh because they who were made of rice can never be with you. 

 We are going to tell you that the drama is going to be very interesting and now Jeet Prachi and Ranveer's friends are going to happen. Also she is running her plan so guys here we are going to tell you that who is Riya and Aaliya she arrests Megha but she runs away from there and she is not able to blackmail Siddharth that too. 

  bad. Usi falls into the hands of Aaliya's servant, so friends, here we are going to tell you that the drama has become very interesting. 

 Yes, I have seen it somewhere, but when she sees the usage, her face gets angry and says, "No, I have not seen it anywhere, but the gangsters belong to her. Here, we are interested in the drama that we are telling you." . 

 It is going to happen and in the next episode there is going to be a twist and another twist. He says that you should think about it. They say that this is also from the ISI house and this will not be heaven. He says that no, 

I am not asking you naked. I don't know why you are looking naked here, I don't know, I have never seen them, so my friends, the inspector here says that I have not shown you the photos yet. I have just seen the picture, so friends here they say that it is good to see your picture and I feel like you are heaven in the nakedness of these gangsters,

 so friends, from talking here. Who can you tell that those goons have come to the ISI house? He says I know why their car is a spring in your house and he has come to your house. What is the reason why the thief does not come here? The reason is that the old lady is from the ISI house. The friend says no,

 there is no such thing. I am just asking the same. Just like a thief who steals from where he steals, he does not keep his theft where else, so friends are here.

 It is going to be very interesting and this is what it is. She says that this inspector is also saying this. This kahut is very important here. The inspector says that this kahut is for surf thieves and thieves. 

 Asking if you have read it, friends, here we are going to tell you that the winds of Kariya blow away from the FIR and it becomes disturbed.

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