Radha Mohan 10, September Episode

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, you are going to see a very forced twist, so friends, the drama has become very interesting. Ranveer says that leaving you doesn't mean I will stop loving you, I love you and always will and I am with you all the time and because I love us. 

  Stay with me always be happy and my prayer is with you so friends here we are going to tell you that Prachi who is she comes and comes to the room and thinks and Prachi says to use what is Ranbir that makes Ranbir out of me. 

 I want to marry and Ranveer wants to marry me. I also see who she wants to marry me. She says that I am leaving this house. You can't leave this house and what do you think, wherever you go, I won't know where I will go and I will never let you see me from anywhere, 

because I have said goodbye to the child. I will take good care of him and never let any such problem happen in his future. You have never been able to handle this Vada. Now you remember this Vada very much. And the child you are talking about is someone else's, so friends, 

Prachi is here. She says that she is leaving me. He is looking for someone to talk to you but it is very important to understand Prachi. Prachi is here. 

 The one who is leaving is also here forever and he is watching because of them, so friends here we are going to tell you about Aaliya and Riya's plan which is now planned. It vomits and spoils everything, so friends, the data that we are about to tell you here has been found out and all that is, they are deceiving Sadat's words, Riya and both to each other.

 It has become very interesting in the drama of Kaheen Hahain and here we will tell you about it, in which Dant is pretending to speak but she goes to his house after sitting in the car, so friends, here we will tell you.

  There are those who are very angry at Aaliya and say that all this happened because of you, my friend, all this happened in our house too. If you can do it, here is the caller calling you and she says any call is one way, I am going home and you are going home. It has become very interesting and in the next episode there is a twist that too

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