Radha Mohan 21, September Episode


In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, you are going to see it very violently, friends. Here we are going to tell you that the drama is going to be very interesting. Nothing happens,

 she tells the gangsters that I will give you all the looted money, but you do it here, you people keep stealing like this and you keep robbing like this, I will write and save everyone. 

 Longi aur tum yeh jo hai aer te chle jana aur main ghadi kis ghar ka number wan bahu bin jawangi se dostu here hum aap kheer hai ki drama is going to be very interesting and coming in the next episode per hum ap kheer hai. The twist between Ranveer and Prachi is going to come between Hain, 

Ranveer and Prachi who are fighting each other for love, but they are expressing their love for one world, here we are going to tell you the drama is very interesting. It's done, friends, now Alia and Riya are saying to each other that Prachi and Sahana want to have a band, 

but the other way around. Prachi and Ranveer will not be what ever they are because they love a world so much friends, here we are going to tell you that this thing is making Prachi and Ranbir very close and Ranveer is It feels like it is our daughter because he forgets that this child is from the border and this child is Ranbir's anyway.  

 In Tak, Prachi and Ranbir will save Pallavi and Vikram and the whole family from the goons, so friends, watch what is going to happen in the next episode or FIR, Riya and Aaliya will save Pallavi and Vikram, then talk to us. in regards to.

 What will happen in the next episode of Ale Hain? What will happen in the next episode? Will he and Ranbir's friend Jo Hai be able to call or FIR? What is going to happen Prachi and Ranveer are going to happen again and what is Rhea and Alia are going to be .

estranged again and travel the world here are the policemen and here is going to open the reign of Rhea and Alia. So here it is friends. Aaliya is what she is, she shoots the goons, Prachi and Suhana too, but this will not be all, but such a plan will backfire, so friends, watch what happens in the next episode.

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