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In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, you are going to see a very violent twist. Here we are going to tell you. The drama has become very interesting.

 Stay here, we are going to tell you that in the drama Bhagya Lakshmi, ISI has also been killed. are ever Rishi and Lakshmi are here friends, here we are going to tell you that the drama is going to be very interesting. 

 So friends here is going to be very interesting in the drama of here we are going to tell you what is Vikram. They say that you people are going to Bihar, but you feel that you have not found the way to Bihar,

 so friends, they put all the bad guys here in the garden and they say that we want all the things here, friends, they say. Do you leave Geeta, but they say no, don't leave us, and here we are going to tell you that Prachi says that you are not ashamed, that you will love them,

so where are you, friends, that you are silent, I am sorry. Let him do what he has to do. You don't see how bad the situation is. Here, Prachi goes and slaps the goon on the face and says, "You leave it, otherwise you will die." 

 I will break my face. The other side of it is to say that you don't know that we have Chuko and this Chuko can attack you. Even if you slap me, friends, you are here with me. TA is here and we are going to tell you everything.

 They say that you guys give me the mobile phone. We will kill you. Friends, he is here. They give me all the mobile phones. He is not giving the mobile phone. Use is and says why are you not giving

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