Bhgaya Lakshmi today Epidsode

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya you are going to see a very compelling twist here per drama is going to be very interesting so friends here we are going to tell you that Prachi and Ranbir who is from a world that is Ranbir.  

 He is not able to bear that she is going away from Prachan. They say that I love Prachi very much and I can't bear it. My pain is getting worse. So friends, stay with us from here. 

 Sahna and Ranbir's friend who is there, she tells the world that Ranbir should not say anything from his heart first, he should agree with his father's decision, but it is very painful for him and he is tired.


So friends here we are going to tell you that Suhana who is she says to Ranbir's friend that you go and console Ranbir and try to understand and I try to understand Prachi or friend n per us you The drama of Ko Bhehewane Hain has become very interesting. 

Here, Ranveer who is Ranveer's friend goes to Ranbir and Ranveer who is watching Prachi's thoughts, he says, "You don't understand, don't forget." Do you take care of yourself and why don't you understand that you are doing this wrong and that is where one goes and his friend from Pache also goes one. 

She is making a very big plan to blackmail Siddharth that if If you don't marry Prachi, then I will cut your sister, friends, see what happens in the next episode

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