Radha Mohan 16, September promo

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, there is a very violent twist, so friends, here we are telling you that the drama has become very interesting and there are six per drama. are There is also a twist between Prachi and Ranbir, 

because Prachi and Ranveer ji are going to be with each other. Far away, there is a mill running in the house. Siddharth and Prachi are going to get married and Megha is very happy and she says I already knew when Bhai is always going to tell Prachi's tribute to us that this is all Sankar. Ranbir Kapoor ends up in a lot of places and Karachi also likes Ranveer so much that he doesn't know what to do. 

  Here it is and Raja ji. She plays a big trick and succeeds in her trick but Prachi's truth is still not there. So guys here we are going to tell you that Jija is nothing. She tells him, but even if she is Rajaji, she turns it upside down and the truth does not come with anyone.

 So, friends, here we are going to tell you what happened to Megha. Jeeda gets happy so friends here we are going to tell you that Siddharth is still not happy and Prachi too so friends here we are going to tell you that the next episode is going to be very interesting and the next one is from us. If you share, friends, 

here we will tell you whether Ranveer and Prachi's marriage will break or FIR Dad and Prajay will get married, see what is going to happen in the next episode.I will break your hands and here she says that I will see you but Pal also goes from behind and Pul who is also .

there says to Prachi that I want to talk to you and follows Palvi with HA. Friends, the next episode of here we are going to tell you is going to be very interesting, in which Prachi is going to be decorated, friends, see what happens in the next episode.

 So don't ask anything from Prachi. There is an FIR lying in stomach and there . is Prachi who slaps Riya very hard and Riya says that now I am telling you again that I have suffered so much Prachi. She starts slapping, but Prachi, who is there, stops her from the front with her hand.

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