Radha Mohan 17, September

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you will see a very violent twist here. From Waja and when Lakshmi fades away, here we are going to tell you what Lakshmi is, when she reaches the Rishi, the Rishi says that you are fine, 

what should you do? He sees that blood is coming out of Lakshmi's shirt and Lakshmi says that you are theek, I am here from your voice, I don't know whether you are theek or not. According to the Rishis, they say, 

"No, I am not there. I don't know. Even the United Nations people came out. I don't know where she is. So, friends, here we are going to tell you about Lakshmi." 

 She looks at her baju and blood is coming out of her arm and Rishi is also looking at her baju, suddenly Lakshmi feels dizzy and Lakshmi feels like she is giving up. But we are going to tell you that Aayush who is the world's best, 

he takes Neelam and his daughter-in-law, there is God there. Whose face did I see? My day is going so badly today. Once I leave here, the FIR will never come. So friends, here we are telling you. The drama has become very interesting in which Aayush is used. Hey, you stay silent, 

we can't go on like this, friends, here we are going to tell you that there is one thing. hai use kahati ki you will surely meet me but they have four pills and I have one if I use one muranga .

se un charon will come to me which we will not avoid we have to think something else so friends here per next episode A very interesting twist is going to happen in the next episode

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