Radha Mohan 23, September Episode

 In the drama serial Bhagilakshmi you will see a very forced status has become very interesting and in the next episode there will be a twist Jasmin Lakshmi and Rishi who is going to save a world to tell you from here. 

  Those who are here are used and all the family members who are there put their belts on top of the UN hooligans and attack the UN. The policemen also go here and the hooligans are already gone from here. give. We are going to tell you how he decides and says that Lakshmi and Rishi are meant for each other and can even give their lives for each other and I don't think I don't.

 Friends, here we are telling you that the drama is going . to be very interesting and the next episode Lakshmi is very happy and here per Rishi who is here says that she is also taking me very much with happiness when she asked you. I was very worried about losing you, 

but I can't even tell anyone who cares about you. But we are going to tell you that we are going to be very interesting with you and there is a twist in the next episode, so friends here we are going to tell you that Lakshmi is happy. They are going to tell you that the media people go and the police go together and they say that today you people have done a lot of work. The policeman says,  

"Accept everyone from here. The family members have saved us. If it wasn't for these people, we could have done it today." Ayush says that all this happened because of Lakshmi's voice. If Lakshmi had given him sadhana, we would never have been able to do anything for each other. Lakshmi and Rishi have to go through each other's lives. 

 I didn't care, she was always thinking outside of us and thinking in the naked world, so here we are going to tell you that the next episode should be very interesting. Ki Balvendra who is saying that today I am looking at death very poor. I used to say that I will kill Lakshmi. I will be killed for her sake. Always saving someone so here we are going to tell you in which Balvinder says that I say. that someone's hand will be broken but this is not all. We are going to tell you that we are going to be interesting and coming in the next episode. What happens in the next episode?

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