Radha Mohan Radha Kidnapped


In the drama serial Bhagilakshmi, you will see a very compelling twist, so friends, here we are going to tell you. . Yes, she is giving Balwinder a lot of trouble and Malik Shah's father, who is speaking to Balwinder, calls Balwinder very rude and Balwinder goes a lot. 

 Friends, here we are going to tell you that I have told everything to Lakshmi. Praksha says that what Lakshmi will do to me is her octet which is not even taken, it is not a big deal to me.

 Friends, here we are going to tell you, the next episode has become very interesting, in which Preksha uses the basic principle of Jo hai, she says that she does not like the girl at all. Here, Malik Shaw says that she does not love you, 

but she does not understand you and people like you are not true to love and ISI is not with us before doing it for me and her Mangal Sutra is for me. She looks at her throat and keeps talking about her life. They give their lives for the sake of the sight of Lakshmi who is going to be shot. Will Lakshmi survive or not? 

Friends, here we are going to tell you. It's going to be very interesting and here is Neelam who is now she is going to kill Lakshmi because Lakshmi yaar saves Rishi's life so guys here per us your tellers. Now Neelam's mouth is going to be closed and the other side is going to come here. Friends, 

see what happens in the next episode. Now Balvinder who is here, the world is going on. If Sutra will not happen, then who will want Rishi who is Lakshmi and his relationship will also be ruined. Will Balvinder succeed in doing Joyce or not? So friends, here we tell you, with the next interest, he will go on with the world. So friends, see what happens in the next episode

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