Bhgaya Lakshmi 23, September Episode

 In the drama serial Bhagilakshmi, you are going to see it very compelling, so friends, here we are going to tell you that Lakshmi is the one who is released and Rishi and Lakshmi hug out of happiness.

 bahut jyada are happy but dusri taraf Malik Shah's mouth is very much swollen and Karishma's too because she wants Lakshmi to come to the house. 

They are telling and Rishi who is there says that when you were there and Manish's smell was with you, I was very much interested in the drama. All the orders of the Jasmin court have been completed. What Faisal says is that they say that Lakshmi can even give her life for her daughters.  

 The drama of Vaale Hain is going to be very interesting here per Rishi Jo Hai they say in which Thira Tamne Meri Saath Daya and Me Jara Bhi Kumjoor Hoga Nahi Daya Here is the drama of interest of Here We Are Telling You Hain and Lakshmi says that I am not completely carefree, so don't tell me anything, your eyes were telling everything, so friends,

 here we are going to tell you that the media people go and talk to the police and they say and we are the police. So, friends, here we are going to tell you that all the gangsters have been caught and Manish has also been cooked. 

  It happened with the voice of I. We have such a good sister-in-law and brother who supported Lakshmi and each other and did not care about their lives but ask each other something. . After telling her about the love of the world, 

here we are going to tell you that Preksha is very angry after hearing all this and she says that she was understanding from me that she is not in me but you are one in the house. Gayi ho why are you in me and this is your love here Lakshmi says my love is not dare to show anyone nor to tell anyone loves me too much to use me.

 Looks like no one else has the guts to look at me and you keep your job band here on the other side Balvinder Joy says I am very Jayada Kushesh before forcing Lakshmi to get it but tell me. She does not tell me, but he says that today I have seen death with my own eyes. 

 If it had been written, it would have been written in one place, friends. Here we are going to tell you that Balvinder Joy says that now I will never run after Lakshmi if I do not tell this after Lakshmi. From today, I am going to tell you about death and death

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