Radha Mohan Forgive me Radha 😒

 In the drama serial Bhagalakshmi, you will see a very violent twist, so friends, here we are going to tell you, it is going to be very interesting. are Rishi's boy is with me and if you guys don't listen to me then I'm going to kill him. 

  They are going to tell you that Jyoti Rao has a girl with her, she is very jealous and says that Rishi should not have funsi, if this happens, we will be killed, police will not want to tell Rishi anything. 

 Those who are there are also very worried and say that now we have to do something or it will kill everyone and the newsmen who are there also put reporters in them, but the policemen who go to the van and their They also break the cameras and they say that you are not ashamed, you guys are doing this, so friends,

 here we are going to tell you that Manish, who is, goes to Rishi and says that I have never met you. I will leave you with my dalanga, you are thinking too much. Wow, leave them and leave us too. Friends, when the goon hears here, he says, "

Is the commissioner your friend? Now let's see if your friend saves your family or not. I don't like it." I'm doing it baby I've been babying you now listen to me and tell me to leave them here we're going to tell you that that punk comes back and says if what he did to me he did to me first. 

 If I don't kill him, my body will be destroyed and I want to save myself. Gussan comes and says who killed him, but from behind he says God is a thug, and the thug follows him and says, I will kill you, I will never leave you, 

and tells us about fighting. There are some things to say but here they say oh my god who are you guys driving me crazy this girl wants to pluck your leaf in front of us she is desiring to drink it you love me sleepy Here Lakshmi says that whatever happens, it is a site but to save someone's life, it hangs on one side and everything is looking for Lakshmi.  

 Hey, I have to write this. Look how good it is. She is not even letting her enemy die. Then who can do that? So here we are going to tell you. It is going to be very interesting and it is going to happen. What happens in the next episode?

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