Radha Mohan today episode live on Zee tv

 In the drama serial Bhagalakshmi, you are going to see him very violently, you are going to see him very forcibly. Dhandhte goes there per one and Rishi is there and Raksha is thinking that I can tell Rishi in any way, 

what are the dealings of the hop logs, they come out in spring, so friends don't talk to us here. Hain's drama has become very interesting when Praksha Jo Hai goes to her parents place Neelam Vigeera has goons coming out of there but when she goes there she sees that there is no one says wow. 

 What should I understand now, whether the gangsters have been cooked by using them or the FIR has been released, but she thinks that nothing will happen to me. Dostu is here where is Malik Shah all the family she says.

 I don't know I think Shadi is with UN people and on the other side who is gangster they are using Lakshmi as a trap. I will shoot you if Rishi doesn't come here in 10 minutes, I see how much he loves you, so friends are here.

 And who has he taught to read love? If you had a heart, we wouldn't have caught everyone and eaten, so friends, it is used a lot here. He hangs up and Lakshmi says I also want KY Rishi not to come here, if anything happens to Rishi, I won't bear his trouble, 

I know you can write to me. Can't see and his not coming here is love and you understand that he doesn't love me, he loves me unconditionally but he's not that stupid so you guys are not interested in the drama of love here.  

 It is done, he makes a noise and when I write, he realizes that Rishi is going for his sake. She says that today is the best chance to stop Rishi at any cost. So they say

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