Radha Mohan today episode


In Hello Yaar drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you will be seen seeing that Bar Kis Tara has tried to shoot the terrorist Nee Lakshmi with the sound of which Bar Lakshmi's life has become a real danger. It has happened and there is the world's reward.

 Baar Rishi is also watching all this but Baa Baar will try his best to save Lakshmi from the terrorist whose voice is the next thing of the drama serial is going to happen.

  And apart from that, you will also get to see how Lakshmi has now taken a big step and that is, give rest to the bar-terest, with the sound of which the plane of Bar-Maleshka flops a lot and is Bar that goon will now tell the truth about Malishka's badness,

 whose voice will make the next episode of the drama serial quite amazing, and there is the other side. If so, he will try his best to save the usage

  And besides that, my friend, you should also see that now all the family members have also come to know about Malishka, how did Malishka attack Lakshmi, and that time there is evil in the coffee, Lakshmi whose mouth is now. 

 Rishi has also come to know the whole truth of Malishka, which means that Rishi now has Malishka, he will get Bihar out of the house and there is another side. get out

  By whose words he will be forced to say what he wants and that use will not come out of the house and use the other side. In the meantime, love is going to be shown and the family will say that you should pay your child soon, 

because of which now they have started living together and the next drama is Jayada Special. Bar Rishi and Lakshmi seem to be quite happy with each other

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