Radha Mohan Damni Arrested 😳

 In the drama serial Bhagalakshmi, you are going to be seen in a very compelling twist. Friends are going to be very interesting in the drama. 

 They will not make it. They will kill Rishi and Lakshmi. Friends, here we are going to tell you. They are about to tell what is happening, they become free and they say that we people told you that our brother has redeemed us and look at this, we have redeemed us, now we will share with you that you people People will stay in jail, keep him for a day, we will give him his reward, so friends,

 he is here, we are going to tell you that Rama is going to be very interesting, and they say, "Go, you guys, get over it, I will stay here." They go away and travel the world, we are going to tell you that they are kind, they call Manish and say that it is a hooligan, Munshi,

 tell me now if you As for Ray's work, I am going to send Varnashi Manikar and Lakshmi's last to you and I am the one who is going to send you to Kailash one by one. Don't be shy, listen to us first. Here is the good news. He says, "Tell me what is the good news. 

Here we are going to tell you." Set them free. We are going to tell you that Manish gets very happy and says that I will send you, but I have one more request. Please send an FIR for me. We will leave here. We are going to tell you, 

the kindly man says that now I have done your work, you also leave our servant, friend, we will not give any guarantee that he will go or not come. Then we will kill him, but here we are going to tell you that he says that the weather is bad, the marriage can happen, 

then I will send it, or I will not send it, here we are going to tell you, he is left thinking that Do you know where I am going, I will go to my friends, so we are going to tell you that the call ends and Manish tells everyone that our servants have gone from here to here. 

 The gangsters start . making vehicles for the celebration and the whole car is there. They are very happy. The family is going to leave, Han Fei Rishi is also going to be married, friends, see here what happens in the next episode.

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