Meet 20, September Episode

In Hello Friend Drama Serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen in the movie. Prithvi is thinking that wah hai baar will get Kritika out of his way so that wah will succeed in his plan but friend Prithvi hai bar Prithvi is thinking that you are looking at me.

  And friend Arjun is saying to Prithvi that first of all you should send Shirleen inside Rudra Parivar, all the planning of Uttara Parivar is for John, who is talking about it. Know all this your friends drama serial you can also watch on zee tv for such information keep visiting our website we will keep giving you latest update what will be Arjun's next planning

  And this time friend Prithvi is saying to Arjun that I am with you because you have this plan that you want to destroy Rishabh and I also want it, which is the reason why you are not doing well together with Prithvi. Why are you staying? Wow, he is the enemy of your family, he will also deceive me, through whose mouth Prithvi is saying to Prith that now Arjun will not leave your family.

  And apart from that, friends, you will also get to see how Rishabh has started to think too much about his brother's nakedness. He looks at the person whose face makes him cry a lot, but when he says to Arjun, I am your brother, then he will be very happy. He will stay and both of them are going to be seen to be quite happy with each other

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