Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode New Update Dida Exposs Alia Vs Rhea September 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon Ko Karshana Wa hai ki Prithvi Hai Baar has disguised himself and infiltrated the Luthra Parivar by the voice of which Baar Pratha got the first clue of Prithvi. It has to be done or else he will leave our family on the road with FIR because he is now making his plan to destroy us. Even if you come near, it is not good for you

  And friend Prithvi is saying to Preeta what is going on, look at what I am doing because Arjun is with me who is aware of your music and he knows everything outside of you and he also wanted to come on the road. se hai baar mai baar to jeet hai rahunga se kakein dostun preeta hai baar is saying to prithvi that as long as i am with rudar parivar then you can't spoil anything of rudar parivar friend hai baar is saying to arjun It is your misunderstanding that you will lose us

  And friends, Preeta has been beaten by Prithvi because of which this time Prithvi is going to jail again but this time friend Prithvi is thinking that he will kill Preeta from the way first time. She sends Charlene to Rishabh and she tells Rishabh that now she has forgotten everything and says that she thinks well outside the Uttara Parivar and that there are two truths from two ends on a TV drama. Visit the website.

  And Dostun Prithvi is saying to Arjun this time that now we all want to get our names from Lutra Parivar because Preeta is making a new plan because she is a paradise because of our plane whom Rebha wants you as his wife. Keep understanding otherwise there will be no one greater than me because I had left you for your sake before and my friend Shree Shak is also telling Partha this time that we should not read anything now.

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