Kundali Bhagya Today Episode Anjali Stop Karan To Reveal Truth Upcoming Twist September 2022


Hello friends drama serial kundli bhagya in aap logon ko sakhla hai wala hai ke mahesh luthra hai bar arjun saying tum kya kamat loge to get away from mere parivar which is waja se aarjun hai par mahesh ka luthra ki mee preeta chahi If she leaves Rishabh and goes to me, I will not say anything to anyone from Luthra Parivar. My enmity is only with Farida and not with anyone who has never been with Mahesh. Go away from our Parivar.

  And friend Arjun will be seen succeeding in his plan because Preeta will be seen far away from Rishabh now because Rishabh has told Preet that we are two to one from Prithvi and Arjun but to stay away. Dost Pratha hai bar will say to Arjun I am your hun to come to you but now you stay away from Rishabh and my child or else I will put you in jail because I am a paradise my child to you

  And friend Preeta is saying to Prithvi that which one do you want to change, you have broken our family before us and you have gone to FIR again, but you want to get married so many times. Because of this he has told Preeta that if you go to me, I will not see anyone's number in Luthra Parivar and you can also watch Doost drama serial on Zee TV for such information visit our website.

  And friend Prithvi is saying to Prithvi that which one do you want to take, your enmity with Luthra Parivar is with me, you should leave them but friend Prithvi is saying to Preeta that Rishabh has not given me on the road and Mein Bhi Baar Khalis Luthra Parivar Road Per Langa Arjun's Help But Dostun Arjun Bar Realized That As Long As Preeta Is With Luthra Parivar Bol Uttara Parivar Won't Get Any Number Look Se Deke Plan To Get Preeta Out Of The Road Is.

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