Radha Mohan 20, September Episode live

 In Hello Friend Drama Serial Kundali Bhagya Aap Logon is going to be seen ki Baar Preeta is very sad because Baar Pretha and has decided that she is away from Bar Luthra Parivar saying .

Bar Luthra Parivar Nee Preeta Arjuna has become our enemy because of your words and now you cannot stay in the house because of whose words Rishabh will be seen supporting Partha.

  And friends, Preeta hai Bar Bahut will be seen getting angry because Arjun has been told that now I will flop your whole plan because I am a paradise that you want to steal family. 

 Prithvi has also joined you, through which Prithvi is telling Pritha this time that if you want to stop Arjun from ruining Luthra Parivar, then you go to me and listen to Rishabh, Prithkar. They will kill you and they will tell you to get out of here

  And it was on Dostun that she is saying to Rishabh that now you see what I am doing with Prithvi and Arjun, because they all have teased us so much. You have become enemies, you are in heaven, 

what happened to Prithvi, what happened to you, and you can also watch the drama serial Dostun on Zee TV. For such information, keep watching for the latest updates of our website.

  And friend Prithvi is saying to Preeta what is going on, look at what I am doing because Arjun is with me who is aware of your music and he knows everything outside of you and he also wanted to come on the road. se hai baar .

main hai baar to jee ri rahunga se kein dostun Preeta hai Bar is telling Prithvi that as long as I am with Rudra Parivar then you can't spoil anything of Rudra Parivar Dost Hai Bar is saying to Arjun It is your misunderstanding that you will lose us

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