Bhgaya Lakshmi 23, September Episode

In Hello Friends drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen in the bar, Partha and Arjun are told to distance themselves from Luthra Parivar, otherwise you are heaven, I have no one from Luthra Parivar bekar payega kyunki pahle bhi Prithvi has tried so many times, this time Prithvi is saying to Arjun that you are heaven for the pure family, what star are they from? Luthra's weakness is his family and you take him first

  And friends Rishabh has gone to the bar and he is saying to Arjun that you are not good by quarreling with my family and taking money. Look what I can do. Rishabh will be seen but this time on Dostoon he is telling Arjun that if all the glory of Luthra Parivar is in our name then all of them will be useless and we will be able to get FIR against them but not Arjun yet. us Wants to change.

  And friends, Mahesh Luthra is telling Rishabh that another calamity is coming for us, we have to avoid it or the Luthra family will be useless because now Arjun has thought that he is ruining us. Shyly saying that all of them had come out of my house, now watch me Beak Karonga and Doston drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV for such information visit our website.

  And friends Prithvi is saying to Shirley that now look who two brothers I have pampered, now look who wins because Kiran is with us and Farida and Rishbhai are not among them. He will kidnap Preeta's daughter and they will say that all this has been done by Arjun, whose name is Rishabh. It will be known that he has cheated, so what will happen to Prithvi because Arjun never forgives anyone.

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