Bhgaya Lakshmi 23, September 2022 Episode


Hello friend, dama is going to see you in the serial Kundali Bhagya, from which star, now the anthem has told everyone that he can not be without the voice of Priyata, whose voice has become the first of Ashu Rabari.

 On the other hand, you are also telling your family members that now Pareda will leave Rishabh, but nothing like that is going to happen because everyone wants more and more.

  And apart from that, you are also going to get to see if Charlene is planning a big plan to defeat Purita, but now Karan is going to be seen supporting her and it is Puri Tara's turn now.

 Preeta is worried and now she is going to leave the house because she is thinking about who she wants to be with and who not why she is saying to Karan my life is there on the other side wow Rishabh She cannot even forget the love of whose voice she is about to leave this house

  Paneer and sister are also not ready to accept the talk of getting married. Taraf hai baar Kareena boa is very jiada gase mein aaj ki and she .

is hai bar now wants to be changed by Sarshti se keonki hai bar did not do it well with her and the upcoming episode of the drama serial Luffy ka ka lagwala he

  And you are going to see that Samir has also left Preeta's side and now all the family members have found out that Karan and Preeta are now together. 

 It's like this, Jeyada is going to be seen getting worried and she is also the world's best.

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