Udaariya today episode


In Hello Friends drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen by Bar Prithvi and he has made a plan that he will make Bar Prith and his pure family in the eyes of the Lotta Parivar.

 Dostoon Preeta is trying her best to tell Rishabh that she has nothing to do with Arjun but Dosto Arjun is telling Rishabh that if you want to tell Rishabh then leave Preeta.

  And friend Preeta is saying to Arjun that you are a good star of heaven, that Prithvi has always been against your family, but even today you want to take revenge on your mother and father after hearing this that you are in my way. 

 Never come or I will never leave anyone who comes in my way because I want all the property of Luthra Parivar own name Karvana I want to tell everyone that never before them with me. Will change

  And friend Prithvi is saying to Prithvi that which one do you want to take, your enmity with Luthra Parivar is with me, you should leave them but friend Prithvi is saying to Preeta that Rishabh has not given me on the road and Mein.

 Bhi Baar Khalis Luthra Parivar Road Per Langa Arjun's Help But Dostun Arjun Bar Realized That As Long As Preeta Is With Luthra Parivar Bol Uttara Parivar Won't Get Any Number Look Se Deke Plan To Get Preeta Out Of The Road Is.

  And Dostun Preeta hai baar rahi hai hai mahesh Luthra se ki main tamse vada kurti hoon I won't let anything happen to any person from Luthra Parivar keunki main Prithvi ko good tarah i am in Jannat he Chip Luthra don't see me. 

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