Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode New Update Sidharth Sister Exposs September 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Mein Aap Lugo Ko Karsho Ko Mila Wa Hai Ke Ranveer Baar Apni Man Ko Ke Raha Hai Ki Aaj Ke Brey Tum Prachi Se Abhi Nai Khoogi Why I Have Known You With Prachi. What is left in Prachi's stomach is not anyone else's but mine, this is all Riya's planning to take away Prachi from me and she is herself by making her own place in the house, but I don't want this to happen at all.

  And friends and Ranveer are friends, on Riya's request, Prachi will see Bihar leaving the house, but Prachi is challenging Riya that she will stay as one. Bar is saying to Prachi that I couldn't have imagined that you would do this to me, you have cheated me in the voice of which this time Ranveer's man is saying to Ranveer that you are now better than Prachi by Riya marriage. Is

  And friend Riya is saying to Prachi that I challenge you that I will keep you in Ranveer's eyes, why will you have to stay with me forever, because I am a paradise, your blonde wants Sankar, Prachi will say this. You are lying, there is a misunderstanding between you, but Riya will say if I prove this to be true, Ranveer thinks he will divorce me himself.

  And friend Ranveer Hai Bar is trying his best to convince Prachi and he says to Prachi that you stay with me at my house but friends Prachi Hai Bar Ranveer says your man always doesn't do it with me. Yes, he will never let me stay at home because he has already accused me of being involved with Balvinder, but this Sankar will say, Ranveer has never doubted you.

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