Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode New Update Dida Exposs Riya Truth Upcoming News September 2022

Hello friend Rama Serial Kumkum Bhagya In Kumkum Bhagya Aap Logon is going to be seen ki bar kis tara se Dia will try to stop the marriage of Siddharth and Prachi by the sound of which the family is using kee jiada watching ki bar wah kasi ki She will not listen because now she has come to know about all of Riya's planning and she has started hating him a lot and she will tell the family about how Seth has blacked Riya. Coming up.

  And apart from that, friends, you guys have to see that now Ranveer will decide that he wants to be with Prachi again because he doesn't trust Riya at all because Ranbir has cheated on Riya and Prachi which is why. Sometimes they will say to the Prophet on their mother that you are some kind of star, Riya has a spring from the house. I will leave

  But now it is also going to be seen that now Prachi also wants Ranveer and she will say to Siddharth that you cheat your sister with some trick and don't marry me. Now Siddharth will say that it is not difficult to marry a girl who does not love me, because of which the family is now worried and it is starting to wonder why Dida did not teach her everything, now she is from Puri Tara. The fans have paid off.

  [ ] Ranbir is also thinking who should he support now because every time Prachi becomes a fan of friendship with someone, but this time Prachi will not be like that at all because now Ranbir has clearly said that he is not married to Siddharth A. Now Pallavi is also in a lot of trouble and she will get angry and say that she will come back to the house when Siddharth and Mary go to Prachi to tell Ranbir about all this. Nothing will be seen.

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