Meet Drama Today Episode New Update Neelam Arrested September 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Aap Logon is seen by Prachi Bari telling Ranveer that now we two can't live with each other. Aye Hain and I am also here, Baar wants to stay away from you because I can't listen to anyone else's pain because of my child.

  And Ranveer is again saying to Riya that why did you do this to me, why did you take Prachi away from me? Cant see and drama serial you can also watch on zee tv for such information keep checking our website we will keep giving you latest updates what will happen next planning area

  And the friend Ranveer is saying to Riya if you want me to say nothing you love me to bring back Prachi and Ranveer's man from all over the world is saying to Ranveer what is Prachi home now? I will never stay because she is a pad love girl, I can't use her at home and friend Ranveer is fighting with her love for Prachi.

  And friends and Ranveer are friends, on Riya's request, Prachi will see Bihar leaving the house, but Prachi is challenging Riya that she will stay as one. Bar is saying to Prachi that I couldn't have imagined that you would do this to me, you have cheated me in the voice of which this time Ranveer's man is saying to Ranveer that you are now better than Prachi by Riya marriage. Is

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