Radha Angery 😡


In Hello Friend drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Aap Logon Ko Paar Ka Milen Waa Hai, Ranveer Baar has decided to leave Riya, but in Dostun Hai Baar Riya wants to tell Ranbir that Prachi doesn't seem real to him. But Ranveer's friend will say that Prachi is like Prachi and she will stay with me because I know you are a girl.

  And Ranveer's friend Ranveer has to say that you don't want Prachi to stay in the house because of divorce, but Ranveer's friend will start arguing with his man and Prachi will ask me. What's left in his stomach is Sarf mine but his friend is Ranbir's man Bar is making a new plan so that he can win Prachi in Ranveer's eyes so that Ranveer himself runs Prachi out of the house and divorces her.

  And the friend is Ranveer. He will be seen looking sad because he doesn't know who to choose because one side is his man and the other side is his wife. She will not let anyone speak against her because she is saying to Ranbir that I have heard everyone's talk, now I want to hear what you think of me naked. You are not such a girl at all

  And friends, Riya has put many goons behind Prachi. I think you are wrong but my friend Ranveer is saying to Riya that if I come to know that you have planned anything against Prachi, then you know why I don't want to be with you. Anything wrong with it

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