Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode New Update Ranbir Become DULAH Fills Prachi Mang Upcoming Twist September 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Aap Logon Ko Pashaan Ko Milna Wala Hai ke Prachi has a very big music on it because Riya has put goons behind Bar Prachi whose voice is Prachi bar nahi balkpay. From Riya's plane because Riya had told Prachi before that you should stay away from Ranveer or else there will be no one bigger than me but Prachi has committed a huge mistake by disobeying her because Prachi has no one now. No, no child will be found.

  And the friend is in front of Ranveer, the bar will go with all the truth of Riya and the friend is Ranveer, the bar is not going to leave Riya at all, he is saying to Riya that why did you do this Prachi and my Prachi have to tell you manati Thi lekin tumne use hi dhokha deti hai aur dusri taraf se Ranveer ki man Ranveer ko Kah Rahi hai ki Prachi Ka jikr is Ghar Mein Kabhi Bhi Nahin Hoga kyunki Ham nahin chhte vah is Ghar mein rahe kyunki vah ek darya kathir Ranveer quarreled with his man. Will start doing.

  And friend Ranveer Hai Bar is trying his best to convince Prachi and he says to Prachi that you stay with me at my house but friends Prachi Hai Bar Ranveer says your man always doesn't do it with me. Yes, he will never let me stay at home because he has already accused me of being involved with Balvinder, but this Sankar will say, Ranveer has never doubted you.

  And the friend is Lakshmi, but she has passed away at her home. Ranveer has said that Lakshmi does not have the courage to fear anyone from you anymore. Can also watch on TV for such information keep visiting our website we will keep giving you latest updates what will happen next planning Riya Ki Kya Prachi will get herself a child from Gundon sent by Riya or not.

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