Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update Neelam Accept Lakshmi As A Bahu Upcoming Twist September 2022

In the drama serial Bhagilakshmi, you are going to see a very violent twist, so friends, here we are going to tell you that the drama is going to be very interesting. When the policemen call, they use to say to me, brother, first, the captain, ask me, or else I will send the amount of your servants to you. Hey Twister Jasmin Gunda Jo Hai He tells his visit to the gangsters that our men have left and all Jo Hai 

start performing here per function and start dancing but here all Jo Hai are becoming in you, let us go too. They want to go here, Manish says that we will let you go. And here we are going to tell you that they plan to try to knock them down here. Karna, friends, gives this heart and says that here they say to Lakshmi that I will kill you, ISI says no, you kill me, Rishi says no, then kill me, here Lakshmi says. No, I can't stay with you.
Manish bhai you call me Rishi at my place that no Rishi says Manish bhai me aap bhai bola hai me goli me here they both start fighting each other and they say do you tell me kumar han here per He points at Lakshmi and says that now it's Lakshmi's turn, will you survive or not, now that bullet hits him and the bullet goes off from one side and the FIR is behind the people ham log Kuchh will have to be done, otherwise it will kill both of them, so friends, here we are going to tell you that what Manish is here is God by making a sign and what is a log from Peche, they say that something will have to be done and ten We will have to take it here. She says that if we do not do anything, it will be seen as our own work. 

Now we will have to do something. They say now we will have to do something. I want to do this, we give it here per band, but here Shalo says that if the UN people kill them, they give it here per strip and this whole car is per house and all this is where it is. From his plough, the strips start to fall. There are and it seems that the dupatta is falling, so friends, here we are going to tell you, we are going to tell you that everyone in the family is saying something. Trying to go here we are going to be very interesting in the drama of teller and in the next episode there is going to be a twist friends see what happens in the next episode what are the goons who are going to be saved then friends see what happens next In the episode

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