Radha Mohan 18, September Episode


The drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Mai you will see is going to be very interesting with a very compelling twist so friends are going to be very interesting in this drama where Lakshmi and Rishi become friends with each other. 

 So friends here we are going to tell you when she sees that Rishi who is going after Lakshmi and Malik who is says that I will never let Rishi die Rishi will be mine mine so friends here But she says if the house wants to celebrate Lakshmi then she will be killed but I won't let anything happen to me.

 Rishi says that I won't let anything happen to Lakshmi. If something happens, then what will I do? Friends, here, Maliksha says, if something happened to you, then what will happen? Ek Wah says that I will do anything for Lakshmi's sake. I can do it, I can give my life for Lakshmi and I can take it, so friends,

 here we are, we are going to tell you that the country is going to die here. . Wah starts going and Milksha Jo says I have to do something today. Wah picks up the baton of the judge and follows Rishi. He falls down and regains consciousness and Malik, who is there, is taking the vehicle by me and says that today I am very happy with Gautama Adi, 

but still I am happy because of Rishi. What is going to happen today is that Lakshmi will be killed now and Rishi will be mine and FIR Rishi and I will spend our lives with each other and Rishi is mine and there is no love for Rishi. I can take someone's life and I can give it. Now I can give and take someone's life, but Rishi, why are you talking to me? 

I love you so much. I love you, Rishi. She says that here today gout wow hurry up Lakshmi Kumari and here per all Kisa Khatam and we who are and I am spending my life with Main Rishi so friends here we are going to tell you that Ganda who is counting.

 It happens, but Rishi Jo Hai is conscious, so friends, here we are going to tell you, the drama of the world has become very interesting. The point here is that you should kill Lakshmi, not ours, with me. Lakshmi, who is there, will remove her daughter-in-law, and the gangsters of the world say, "

What do you need to do now? I will kill you one more time." Neelam is JA. She thinks that I wanted to say that you should get out of my daughter's life, but you are Tara. Give your life. They are interested in drama. Lakshmi Jo is very happy because when she sees that Lakshmi is going to shoot the first shot so guys here we are going to tell you that the next episode is going to be very interesting and the next one is coming I

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