Radha Mohan 16, September promo


The drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Mai Aap Aap Kashaan hai hai has a very forced twist, so friends, it has become very interesting in the drama of this drama. He gives and who is Neelam, she says that I am worried about your love,

 who has paid you. Lakhi Jo Hai starts fighting with them and Usha says, "How dare you shoot my heart" and Usha is killing him, but here Dusra Jo Hai puts Usha per bullet and Usha says tell me now. Your courage has been answered. If you have so much courage,

 you will have to turn yourself to stone, but you have no courage at all and here Fei slaps Rishi and says that now you have to ask something, I am your father. Shut up, friends, here we are going to tell you that the drama is going to be very interesting and it is going to come. 

 Mother, if you wake up, the Neelam who is here will wake up and the dirty ones will say that now look at death. Yes, now your job has gone silent, friends, here we are going to tell you,

 it has become very interesting in the play, Jasmin Lakshmi, who is standing next to Balvendra, but Balvendra is not letting Joy go here. But Lakshmi, 

who says that you will say anything to your wife, I will listen to you, but I will not listen even against Man Rishi, and what do I know what he is and what he is not? They say that you go with me, you will always do it, and I am your Lakshmi.

 Give me my life. The drama of Hum Aap Bheil Wahain Hain has become very interesting in which Gautam Aadi who is sitting on the Wah and the policeman who is calling the senior inspector and says Ush, have you done our plan?

 So, friends, we are going to tell you that everyone says that you will not be able to do this, so I will have to do something. 

You will never do it. I have to do something, friends, the policeman here says that we have all the work ready, I think we can do it, but he says that I am telling you, there are many and nothing from us. No, you can't put anything in Khatre. The policeman keeps quiet. 

Friends, here we are going to tell you that when I was young, they told the policemen that you should bring a mouse. What's up guys here we are going to tell you that they say it can kill a lot of innocent people

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