Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update Lakshmi In Danger After Save Neelam & Family September 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Bhagilakshmi you will see Lakshmi asking for divorce from Rishi because she is saying to Rishi that your man is not there is not much wrong with me yet. I won't stay, because of which Rishi's mind is this time. Rishi wants to say that you should divorce her because she is a good-natured girl. She is with us.

  And friend Lakshmi is saying to Rishi that you have misunderstood me, but when you will know the truth of Shalo, you will apologize to me, but I will not forgive you at all. Leave Rishi and come to me and I will forgive all your mistakes or I will keep harassing you in every place like this and I will never let you live in China.

  And friend Rishi is telling Aayush that you have to stay away from today's evil Lakshmi, otherwise no one will be mad at me, I know she hates you, always fear you, we love you. This time Lakshmi has been put in jail because of whose words Rishi is in love this time and Lakshmi is saying to Rishi that I am here today because of your words.

  And friend Lakshmi is telling Bar Rishi that I will not stay in the house because I can't bear all that your husband has done to me, but friend Rishi Bar is believing Lakshmi and she is the way. Saying that you will not leave home and go anywhere but friends Shalo Hai Bar is saying to Rishi that you should leave Lakshmi because you know good Tara how much I love you forever.

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