Meet Today Epidsode 20, September

 In the Hello Friend drama serial Bhagya lakhmi, you will see Lakshmi hai, Bar Rishi is starting to hate Jiyada a lot. If the truth is known, then they will say to Lakshmi, forgive me, I have thought very wrong in your nakedness, but friends, Lakshmi is not going to forgive anyone, why is it not written?

   And friend Lakshmi is telling ISI now that I will never come back to your house because your family has always thought of me as a bad girl and they tell you that I don't think so. Bar Rishi will be yours to leave your house for Lakshmi but friend Shalo Hai is telling Bar Rishi that you should never do that or else I will not let anything good happen to Lakshmi Mahari Shaari

   And Lakshmi's friend is very sad. Jeada is sad because this time it is known that Rishi is not happy with her anymore. Do you leave me now because you are no longer mine then why do you care about me?

   And Lakshmi's friend is going to answer Aayush and Balvinder with a mouthful and she is saying to Aayush, now you make Balvinder understand that he should stay away from me or else you will not be in trouble with me, it is your plan. From Wajah, Shalu tells Lakshmi this time that I will stay away from Rishi's life because Rishi trusts you blindly, but when you find out about your pair, I am with you.

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