Bhagya lakshmi 11, September Episode

 Hello Friend Drama Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Mai Aap Logon Ko Zahaan Waa Hai Ki Laxmi Hai Baar is going to leave Rishi's life for Himisha with the voice of Rishi Hai Baar is going to tell Lakshmi Yeh Hai Baar will give her full support because Lakshmi will It was all Riya's plan and Balvendra also wants Lakshmi to get rid of Rishi and pass her, which sounds like twelve Balvendra's plans.

  And the friend Lakshmi is saying to Riya that I used to think good of you but you have made me a liar to everyone, by which Riya is also saying to Prachi that Digi ki main always be in Kari and I can't see you with her, Lakshmi will tell all this to Rishi, and Rishi will say to Riya, nothing is as you think, Lakshmi, always stay with me, stay away from me. live in

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  And Lakshmi's friend is telling ISI that she doesn't want to live with him at all because Lakshmi is fed up with Rishi's family, whose name is Rishi's man. It is joined by Balvendra whose voice Bar Rishi quarreled with his man for Lakshmi and Doost drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV for such information for latest information we have updated website from us. See will live

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  And apart from that, friends, you also have to see how all the family members have now started to support Malishka and Neelam is also with her now, whose words will make you laugh at home again and again and wow. She will not forgive even Bar Rishi, because Bar Rishi is supporting Lakshmi, with whose words you should use wow, she will give you a warning.

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