Radha Mohan Today Episode New Update Radha Stop Mohan Marriage Upcoming News September 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you will see Lakshmi Hai Bar Rishi's life for Himisha but the friend Rishi Hai Baar is telling Lakshmi not to see you. I know you love me very much but you have left me Tara can't go but friends Lakshmi hai bar rahi hai Rishi ko ki mein now you will never leave me at your house you want me in my life will stay

  And the friend is Lakshmi, but she is saying to Balvendra that whatever you have done to me, I will take revenge on you. I will not stay with you at all because I am old, now I will stay away from you, but friends, Shalo Hai Bar is trying to woo Rishi because he is heavenly.

  And friends, Shalo Hai Bar is saying to Lakshmi that I wanted to tell you that I will keep you away from Rishi's life. There is a lot of love for Tak Lakshmi and Doost drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV for such information keep checking our website we will keep giving you latest updates what will happen next planning Balwinder

  And friend Lakshmi is very sad. You will see why Rishi is not used. The spring has come out of the house, because of whose mouth he is bar. But you are friends. Shalo Lakshmi that you have to leave Rishi in his own way. I was tricked but now he will never come in your conversation because he knows that your affair is going on with Balvendra and your friends Lakshmi Hai Bar Rishi will not leave me somewhere. It is all a misunderstanding.

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