Bhagya lakshmi Today Episode Rishi Save Lakshmi Life Upcoming News September 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi you will see Lakshmi hai Bar Balwinder giving a sinister answer and she has to say to Balwinder that I don't want to leave any relationship with you but friend Ayush bar Maleshka. Raha Hai Ki Tum Jakar Rishi Ki Mann Ko Kaho Ke Lakshmi is now out of control and she is busy forging her new relationship with Balvendra whose voice will reveal our plans.

  And the friends will leave Lakshmi because Rishi will leave Maleshka na because you are a bad character living with boys because Lakshmi is going round with Balvendra and friends with Vibachalane. also wants to get Lakshmi and he has to say to Lakshmi that if you are not mine then I will not let you be Rishi's too.

  And friends, Lakshmi has already gone to jail, from which Rishi Hai Bar Lakshmi doesn't even want to be released because he has started hating Lakshmi a lot, but he hasn't seen Lakshmi in person yet. Balvendra joins me and friends Shalu this time says to Rishi that I want to marry you because Lakshmi has cheated you, you never cheated me with you.

  And friend Lakshmi is also saying to Rishi's man that you have turned your son against me but wherever I go your son will surely follow me because he is waiting to take away his child. Wants to settle his house to marry aahna soon and drama serial you can also watch on zee tv for such information keep watching our website we will keep giving you latest updates kya lakshmi with truth will meet

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