Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update Lakshmi Save Rishi Life September 2022

 In the Hello Friend drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, Aap Logon is going to be seen. He will be seen understanding his mind and Lakshmi will not go anywhere far from me because she is going to be the husband of my child and will keep the main use in his own house whose voice is two rakmans from marriage.

  And friend Lakshmi is saying to Rishi that when your family doesn't want to keep me at home, why are you so attached to me because I don't like Bardasht, because I am also there. Do I really want to go away because my child should not be seen by anyone with the sound of which Ayush and Balvendra have made a plan that they will put Lakshmi in jail.

  And friend Lakshmi is saying to Rishi that if you want your child to be safe then you should stay away from me. ki talk and drama serial you can also watch on zee tv for such information keep visiting our website we will keep giving you latest updates what will be next planning riya ki

  And friend Lakshmi is telling Shalo that you have succeeded in your plan but you have not succeeded in Rishi. So I have left, but I want to marry you right now. This Sankar will say to Lakshmi Balwinder that why are you doing this to me, you are a good star of heaven, it is not my fault.

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