Radha Mohan 14, September Episode


You are alone Kim Kum Bhagya I am going to see you very oppressive Mr. friend here we are going to tell you that you have become very interesting with you here is Riya and Aaliya she is very happy I work to do It has happened where we are going to tell you that when Richit finds out, he does it. 

  I am not telling you, but you. Here, Ranbir is watching Prachi's tribute and it happens. We know and want to see that the use is silent, so here are the ones who are going to tell us. According to Aadhaar, what is happening to Ranbir, what will you know if you don't listen to me, but here is Ranbir. Do it now, 

you will die alive, so here we are going to tell you. Yes, that is such a big decision maker for him. Such a big decision is about to come and it all goes according to our plan.

  Here is one gaya hai I am him and here we are going to tell you, it is going to be very interesting in the drama. You are watching it again and again, so here we are going to tell you that the drama has become very interesting. 

 In some Go away from Lee Yahan because you are not able to tolerate me here, Ranveer says that I don't know why it is happening to me that when he is leaving, I am in so much pain that I can't even tolerate it. Per Sahana, Prachi has Khadi. Baraati says she is seeing Vivastha and she is in pain. 

She is very worried and very sad. Here we are going to tell you. The drama is going to be very interesting next. From the address of the day, friends, here you are on the dance.

Do you tell me 200 yah per hai Lakshmi Jo hai they tell Rishi you don't ask me you no he says I will tell you thinking of you he says even if you are not with me then you appear to me.

 It's all Neelam ji writing a big fight, that man has written it, but we are going to tell you that in the next episode, the twist is going to be someone else's Lakshmi, they are starting to love each other, but on the other hand,

 Malik Shah. What is there is very much Jada Chief Chilla and remains very much. And says that he also loves Lakshmi very much, he misses her and dances with her, so what happens in the episode?

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