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Hello Friend Drama Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Mai Aap Logon Ko Karhaan Waa hai Jabardast Twist Kyunki Hai Baar Rishi is very distant from Lakshmi will be seen but Dostoon Hai Bar Shalo's plan has been successful. 

 How much he hates you but friends, this Sankar Lakshmi will give Shalu a rude reply and say that you are heaven, I am naked and Rishi still loves me.

  And friend Lakshmi is telling Rishi that you should be happy with your family because your heart wants you to marry her but you are still lying behind me. He will stop running after Lakshmi after accepting no, but this time Dostun Lakshmi is going to give Shalu and Balwinder a face-to-face reply because both of them are too old for Lakshmi.

  And friends, Lakshmi is always sad when she is married. You will see why Lakshmi is not Jannat. Rishi will marry Anna, but when Rishi does this, Lakshmi will ask you to stay with the Rishi family. But dostun

hai bar Balvendra is saying to Lakshmi that now Rishi has gone away from you, I am still yours to marry you and will say today's bad people talk to me like that.

  And friend Lakshmi is saying to Rishi's maan that whatever you have to say to Rishi in my nakedness, therefore he considers it all a lie because the use has been known this child is not someone else's I will never write.

 Don't want to tell him this till or else he will leave you everything and friends you can also watch drama serial on zee tv for such information keep watching our website we will keep giving you latest updates. The next planning will be Kuch Chaluki Paige myself to Balvinder

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