Ehsas program

 In the joys of life today we will tell you how you guys can be happy in life right now Ehsas program name can change your life because you guys will be very upset on Eid and want our Eid great ways Go through with how we can receive the twenty thousand given by the Ehsas program.

  today and you people can also take this money in your bank account and we will share this whole process with you people. Pakistan has decided that whatever we do we will do to help the poor and none of us will be interested in it. You will see in the times to come. The Ehsas program will be closed very soon but whatever decision It will be in front of you.

  You have to stay with us so that you can follow whatever information is given to you. If any such news is coming with you wrong, don't listen. You are for the people and you can benefit from it and today we give you a form here Beat and enter your data there so you can find all the information of the program there. This is being shared with you people to add to the joy of Eid. 

As soon as you see all this, let us give you one more good news. As before you could take this money on your ID card but this method has been changed. You can also take this money in the account and transfer this money there but what is difficult is You want to share with the people. You love us very much but you are not convinced that we want the news of the program to reach you.  

You can benefit from it. People are being given two thousand rupees but you will not get any of that money but we will tell you how you can get that money. We want to share this whole process with you so that you can have Eid.

 To be able to live with a lot of happiness as you have seen people are very happy and they want to make their life more happy so it is their feeling program name is everything Imran Khan has done a lot for you There was a big gift and you guys didn't value it. 

Two thousand are being given, but what to do with that two thousand? Complete this form so that you can Wei couldn't stop taking money either.

There are also 50,000 families who have benefited from the Ehsas program who are having a very difficult time and are living their lives with great difficulty. If you go, you can get twenty thousand senseless programs in your legitimate cash account or on the other ۔

hand from EasyPay app which will make it much easier for you to get that money in your own pocket. As you know, Imran Khan has done a great job for us and he is very happy. A lot of people want and love him and say Imran Khan has changed our lives. The time to come is very much going to be very difficult for us.

 After going through a lot of difficult situations, the Ehsas program has become an important one for us. People who have not yet applied can apply on this form. And they can withdraw their money in Jazz Cash account as you ۔

know we love you very much And take care of you a lot. Ehsas program teaches people to love each other. Keep giving rations to each other. Keep taking care of each other.

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