Andhaghaaram Movie Online Watch Netflix

Andhaghaaram Movie Online Watch Netflix

Andhaghaaram Movie is a new upcoming Tamil language Indian film. The film is directed by V. Vignarajan. This is her first film. 

The film is produced in Italy under A2 for Apple and co-produced by Jayaram and Sodhan Sandram under O2 images. 

Andhaghaaram Movie Story.

The Andhaghaaram movie is co-produced by Priya Atlee, Jayaram, Sudhan Sundaram, K Poorna Chandra. The film is based on a blind and conservative man. Andhaghaaram Movie Online Watch Netflix

The people of society do not let him live comfortably. Doing the wrong thing by yourself. This is a simple movie, it is not a fighting movie. If you like to fight action movies then this movie is not for you. Some people like to watch simple movies. 

There is something similar in this movie. A poor and blind boy who faces many hardships to live in society. But some people take advantage of the same thing and blame the blind conservative person for doing wrong. 

In the movie Andhaghaaram, the blind concubine is seen facing these difficulties.
Andhaghaaram's movie will be released on November 24, 2020, via Netflix.

Andhaghaaram Movie Cast.

  1. Arjun Das
  2. Mahendra Mullet
  3. Pooja Ramachandran
  4. Pradeep Kalipurayath
  5. Kumar Natarajan
  6. Vinoth Kishan
  7. Misha Ghoshal
  8. Jeeva Ravi
  9. Arul Vincent
  10. Manoj Mullet
  11. Viji than
  12. Rail Ravi

Directer: V. Vignarajan
Editing: Sathyaraj Natarajan
Write: V. Vignarajan
Producer: Priya Atlee, Jayaram, Sudhan Sundaram, K Poorna Chandra
Starring: Arjun Das, Misha Ghoshal, Vinoth Kishan, Pooja Ramachandran
Production: Passion Studios, A for Apple
Music: Pradeep Kumar
Distributed: Netflix
Cinematography: A M Edwin Sakay
Country: India
Release: 24 November 2020
Language: Tamil

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